Key Features...
  • Full spectrum grow lamp for plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit and more
  • 75 LEDs with wavelengths from 390nm to 730nm
  • 50000 Hour long life LEDs bring you years of usage
  • 20-Watt low powered grow light is friendly to the environment and your pocket

20 Watt Grow Light

This 20 watt grow lamp has It has 75 LEDs that cover the full spectrum of light. With 53 Red LEDs, 18 Blue LEDs as well as two UV and IR it can cover light from 390nm to 730nm. This full range of light helps promotes the vegetative growth and blooming of your plants and flowers.

If you've taken your plants in for the winter and they are missing the sun then this will bring them all the light they need to keep growing strong and healthy over the colder darker winter months. It's also an ideal lamp for your plant nursery helping those seedlings grow.

By harnessing the power of technology and embracing LED grow lamps you can cultivate all year round. The benefit of LED grows lights are that they generate much less heat so don't need cooling fans. Secondly, the low power they use and the exceptionally long life of the LEDs ( 50000 hours) means these grow lamps are kind on your pocket.

Now everyone can afford to grow through the summer months and indoors away from direct sunlight. Treat your plants to year-round stimulation with this quality 20 watt LED grow light. 

This 20-Watt LED Grow light comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale LED lamps and lights.

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20W LED Grow Light

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