Key Features...
  • RGB disco light treats you to a wide range of different colors
  • Different lighting modes are sure to set the right mood for any type of party
  • Compact and lightweight design make it suitable for at home, bars, or nightclubs

Bluetooth sound-controlled music laser

30MW green laser light, 100MW red laser light, laser coverage angle to reach 170 degrees, LED lamp coverage angle to 70 degrees, open the machine, instant place in the fairy world.

The unique diaphragm allows you to feel the beauty of bass. At the same time, the laser light spot and the LED water mark after carrying the special motor PWM subdivision processing are extremely smooth and smooth.

5W horn down, the sound wave 360 degrees without dead angle release, horn hole and horn shape consistent, so that the sound quality is fuller

The two rows of heat holes are arranged along with the speaker holes. The special shock film is combined with the heat dissipation holes through the air flow fluctuation, and the heat dissipation is more timely.

This machine is built with 2600mAH GP battery, which is long-lasting. The longest use of music for 7 hours

The bottom of the machine and the bracket are equipped with a shockproof design. The bracket can rotate between 45 degrees and 90 degrees, enjoy music and view beautiful scenery from different angles.

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Bluetooth laser

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