Key Features...
  • 15cm ear cleaning scoop with 10x zoom camera
  • 6 LED lights with adjustable brightness for a clear view
  • Features ultra-close focus for extra sharp images
  • Multipurpose use for mouth, gums, throat, nose, and more

Ear Cleaning Scoop

Easily inspect your ear canal with this digital ear cleaning scoop. With its built-in camera, this health gadget allows you to check on the status of your ears. This gizmo is great for everyday usage and ear cleaning activities. Additionally, it can be used as a medical instrument by professionals. Thanks to its ultra slim body, this ear cleaning scoop effortless enters your ear canal without you barely noticing it’s there. When paired to your Windows PC or OTG enabled Android device, your cleaning scoop gives you highly detailed real time footage which makes it easy to inspect the status of your ears.

The mini built-in camera comes equipped with a 1/9-Inch CMOS sensor that treats you to crisp footage. The camera supports 10x zoom and ultra-close focus which makes it extremely efficient for checking any part of your ear. It comes with 6 built-in LED lights that feature an adjustable brightness that can be adapted to meet your needs. Besides using it for checking your ears, this electric mini cam furthermore can be used for checking your mouth, gums, throat, nasal, scalp, hair roots, and more. This multifunctional design makes it a universal health gadget that will help you in any type of situation. Your health gadget itself is easy to use without the need of any medical training. Whether you are a trained professional or a regular parent - this ear cleaning scoop is sure to meet your demands.

The ear cleaning scoop comes with a 12 months warranty, brought to you by the leader in electronic devices as well as wholesale health gadgets.

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Ear Cleaning Scoop

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